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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

3 Effective Ways How to Make Passive Income Blogging

There are effective ways how to make passive income blogging online. For most people nowadays, they have found a better alternative of earning great income while staying home. This helps you pay utility bills and even tuition fees for your children. Anybody can do this provided you are willing to spend time learning to do the process.

Making passive income blogging by being creative and responsible to all the articles that you've written. Yes, you can posts blogs but do you know how to convert blogs into money? Here are some principles that can help you start with your new found home based business.

Choosing the right keywords

Most likely when writing for a certain niche, focuses on the right keywords to use and incorporate on very article that you are going to post. If you are submitting articles on article directories like ezine observe proper keyword density so that your article will be approved immediately. Stick with the basics. Write relevant, well written articles in promoting your niche.

Frequent Posting Is Necessary

This is the most challenging part of the total blogging process, frequent posting of relevant articles. Set time daily when to post entries being consistent in everything you do is a must here. One way how to make money is to post on a regular basis and posting comments on other people's blogs. If you want to drive traffic back to your website then frequent posting useful information is necessary.

As you progress on your writing skills there are certain traffic generation techniques that you can employ for your niche like perpetual traffic system. Just follow and apply the

Making Passive Income Blogging on social networks

You can do so much regarding your blog posts. You are not only writing articles per se as part of your job but learn to put your heart into it after all this is more than just a job but a business. Learn to interact to people you know and you don't know. Social networking sites like Facebook and twitter play important roles in your blogs. You can post blog on your wall with all the clickable words linking back to your website.

These are just very simple to do there are still more ways to make passive income blogging online. You just have to be willing to learn as you go into this kind of business.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

How To Build A Profitable Blog Without Any Knowledge Of HTML Or Coding

If you have been bitten by the internet/make money online bug and are looking for the easiest and fastest way to build a blog, then i have good news for you. Building a blog does not have to be a pain consuming, money draining experience. What i will share with you are the exact tools i use to create my blogs in minutes!

Not everyone has the required knowledge on HTML or coding to build blogs or websites. I certainly did not and i confess this handicapp cost me valuable time that i could have spent making my internet campaigns more profitable.

So just how do you build blogs in minutes? To build blogs in minutes you will have to use a tool called Wordpress Express. With ease of use, this tool will help newbies build their blogs in minutes following a short 3 step process.

All you have to do is buy a domain name from Godaddy or any other company, pick the theme for your blog and host it. Presto, it's as simple as that! Within minutes, your blog will be functioning. Now, i understand that you could be a little skeptical and i don't blame you. So don't take my word for it, you can check out this blog if you need more proof.

That is the tool i used to create that blog and i did in less than 5 minutes. Wordpress Express is a free tool offered exclusively to all Wealthy Affiliate members. By joining this community, you will have access to this and other other additional tools that will help you build a profitable blog.

I thought it was only fair for you to know that you don't have to wear yourself out or spend all your money trying to build a blog. With Wordpress Express, you can build your blog in minutes thereby allowing you to focus on the more important issues like creating content for your blog. What's even better, you do not have to have any HTML or coding knowledge. Simply follow the 3 step process and you are done.

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