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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Promote Your Blog To Gain Readers

It seems like everyone these days has a blog. Mommy blogs, business blogs, blogs about your favorite tv show or recipes, they're everywhere on the net. In fact, blogging is so big, they now call it the blogosphere. Why are blogs so popular and how can you promote your blog to gain readers? After all, if there is no one reading your blog, what's the point in writing all that info, right? First we'll talk about why blogs are so popular these days, how businesses cash in on bloggers, and why they are in demand. Then I'll tell you ways you can get readers to head over to your site and read your info.

Blogs are a great way for anyone to express themselves. Many of them tend to be centered on a certain subject or genre. If Mary Sue just had a baby and she can't wait to tell all of her family and friends every detail of little Henry's life, she might start a blog. If Janie is a fashion guru, she might start a blog about fashion. Why is this important to businesses? Because if Mary Sue starts gaining a lot more readers than just her friends and family, they now have a targeted audience. Companies that sell baby stuff want Mary Jane's readers to see their ads. They may give Mary Sue a free item to review and write about on her blog. Same with Janie. If she starts getting lots of readers, clothing companies may contact her to write up blog posts about their clothing, shoes, or bags. They too may give Janie free products to review and/or give away on her blog.

Before you start getting all these cool offers and free products, you're going to have to gain readers. How can you do that? One is the old fashioned way, good ole' SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and you're going to need it on your blog. The search engines need to know what your blog is about to be able to "recommend" it to folks looking for what you've got. Search engines "crawl" your site, and figure out what it's about based on the info you've got there. You'll need keyword phrases in your meta tags, on your pages, and in the hyper-text that links back to your site and your content. Now, that's a whole other article (or a few!) and cannot be fully covered in the scope of this one article. But if you don't know anything about SEO, don't worry. There is tons of info out there and you can learn it.

Another way to promote your blog is to sponsor your own giveaways and promote them in social media like facebook, twitter, and blog networks like Mom Bloggers Club. You might want to start small and do a $10 gift card giveaway. These are super easy to give because once you get a winner, you can just email them the card. Even more popular are $25 gift cards to places like Target, Amazon, or Bed Bath & Beyond. You are the one financially supporting these, so only do what you can do. Before too long, you'll be giving away other people's things. But to get started, you may have to put up some of your own money. I gained over 50 google friend connect followers in one week with a $25 giveaway, and I had over 700 entries to the giveaway.

I know above I mentioned blog networks. This is another good way to promote your blog. Get involved with networks like Mom Bloggers Club and Blog Frog. You'll network with other bloggers and get the word out. Speaking of which, sometimes when you want something, you've got to give something. In this case, you want readers and followers, so you should read and follow other blogs. You can leave a short comment saying that you are a new follower and you'd love the blogger to visit you and follow back. This is not the time to make demands or threats ( like "follow me back or I'm going to un-follow you.)

In any case, just keep plugging away! Anything you do online takes TIME. You're not typically going to have 10,000 readers after one month of blogging. But, after one month of my new blog I do have over 1,000 readers. I can't wait to see what it will be after one year! Have fun with your blog and blog for yourself. The perks and benefits will come. Be blessed!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Get Traffic To Your Blog

To have a profit you need traffic, and it shouldn't be hard to get traffic to your blog. Below are some things you can try.

Daily Posting- Daily posting on you blog can help. New content attracts search engine spiders to your blog. Take the time and make sure you do this.

Links- Put a link to your blog in your email signature. Also, add your link whenever you comment on someone else's blog. You can also write articles and link them to your blog. Many article directories are free to use so this is great for a tight budget. If you have an account with a social network like Facebook, you can add your link on your personal page. This is free, but you can also pay for advertisements there as well.

Submit- You can submit your blog to traditional search engines as well as blog directories.

Print- Put your link on your business cards as well as flyers and brochures. If you do a newsletter, make sure your link is put on every page.

Feeds- Set up a feed on so that your site is regularly spidered by Yahoo. You can also make sure you have a RSS feed url that people can subscribe to. This is a document type that lists updates of websites or blogs available for syndication.

These are just some methods that you can use to get traffic to your blog. There are many, many more. Some of them will involve tools, some are also free. The best advice I can possibly give is to ask other internet marketers how to get traffic to your blog. Doing this can turn up some great methods that you might not have thought of, or didn't know how to do. There is nothing better than knowing that someone else has made it work, and might consider helping you understand anything you are not clear on.
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