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Stop Right There ! Identify Yourself First Before You Even Make Money Online !

Stop Right There ! Identify Yourself First Before You Even Make Money Online !

Author: The Bad Blogger

Dear Friend,

Who are you and who am I?

Why is identifying yourself the first step to do before you even make money online?

Before I go on, lets just imagine you are a newbie wanting to make money online, and you saw sales pages and blogs all over the world wide web.

And you wonder, where you should start learning?

Now, as you already know there are so many information on make money online, that said again and again...

If You Want To Make Money Online Find Something You Are Passion In And Go For It !

Is this sentence correct or wrong?

The answer: 50/50

Why ?

Here's why: If your passion is collecting old clocks, tell me who the hell will listen to your old clock stories if you wanted to start a blog, come on... this passion has very least of success.

Here's another information, most marketers, blogger and even gurus said again and again...

If You Want To Make Money Online, Do Not Go To The Market Where The Money Really Is !

Is this sentence correct or wrong?

The answer: 50/50


Here's why: If your passion is collecting old clocks and you had a great marketing knowledge and you know the old clock is not going to make you great money, so you went into the golf market which you know, that is where the big money is and you can make a huge sum of money out of it.

Now, you tell me how does a newbie gonna choose?

Choose For Passion Or Choose For Money ?

You see, there are many ways you can make money online, and the most common of all are...

Internet Marketing And Blogging !

But, do you know this two big medium are really two different kind?

In terms of money earn at the very top, internet marketing is always earning much much more then just blogging online.

Want examples?

Just look at the two big superstars on the internet...

Frank Kern And John Chow !

What's their different?

Here's what:

  • John Chow earns a 5 figure income of $40,000 or more per month and Frank Kern earns millions in just one day for his launch of Mass Control product.
  • John Chow earns his income through his blog and Frank Kern earns his income through his email list.
  • John Chow uses blog strategies of different kind and Frank Kern uses relationship building strategies in email.
  • John Chow builds readers and Frank Kern builds fans.
  • John Chow choose passion for blogging and Frank Kern choose "hey dude, this is where the money really is."
  • And many more...

Just from the five different points above, you should realize it is such a big different in choosing how to really make money online.

So, ask yourself now, are you going for passion to make money online or are you going just for the money itself?

This is the kind of question you had to ask yourself and decide before you even start your journey to making money online.

There are too many including me, got confuse between this two big medium in the beginning which leads to what most people always said...

Information Overload !

When you really doesn't know where you are heading, you will usually learn how to blog first, start an autoresponder and start building up your list and in the end, you start learning how to get more subscriber when you heard everyone said...

The Money Is In The List !

Look: There are many ways in learning how to really make money online, you can use blog to build readers, friends and customers and you also can use just a squeeze page to build your list of subscribers, fans and customers.

It is all up to you to choose which medium you want and finally which online strategies you want to use to build an empire online.

Hard To Choose And Hard To Plan ?

Here's how I do it (Remember this is just an example) :

If I want to be a blogger, here's how I go for it...

Blogger ---> Build A Blog ---> Build Targeted Traffic ---> Build Potential Readers + Subscribers ---> Use Advertising Ad Spot ---> Write Reviews ---> Do Freelancing (If you had expertise in any field).

If I want to be an online marketer., here's how I go for it...

Online Marketer ---> Build A Squeeze Page ---> Build Targeted Traffic ---> Build Subscribers + Fans ---> Use Email To Build Relationship ---> Use Email To Introduce Products ----> Do Affiliate Marketing ---> Create Product Launch Process.

The above is just an example, you should build a bigger mind map, and look at which road to move and which road to concentrate, and this is what I call...

Planning !

Now, let me show you an example of a mind map that I had drawn from an online marketers point of view.

I learn this from Frank Kern, Russell Brunson And Mike Filsaime on planning of a sales process of how to earn from all back end products.

This may not be the same as what they are doing, but is just my ideal how sales process are being plan.

Sales Process Mind Map

How's that for an ideal?

Whether or not it works is just an ideal that came to my mind while writing this.

Anyway, by now you should be very clear which path you did like to choose, just make sure you draw yourself a mind map and really study it and take one step at a time to get nearer to what you want to achieve.

Stay Frosty,

The Bad Blogger

Also Known As "The Underground Blogger"

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